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SSL software upgrades bring dual playout system to C10/C100 platform

Solid State Logic has announced software upgrades for the C10 (Version 3) and C100 (Version 4) broadcast consoles, continuing the firm’s platform-based approach to offering improved functionality and streamlined workflow to its line of digital consoles for broadcasters. Both software releases were shown at the recent NAB Show and will be available this summer.

“This year is about integration to us at SSL,” notes Dan Duffel, head of marketing for Solid State Logic. “The C10 and C100 consoles both benefit from a range of new features with the introduction of this new generation of software. The biggest addition is called C-Play, which embeds a file-based audio player within the console control surface.”

The C-Play feature includes two independent players, each presenting eight trigger buttons into the user interface, accessed from the console’s central touch screen. It combines player, cut and playlist functions in a simple streamlined system, with playback triggers easily assignable to other faders or buttons on the console surface. Audio files are stored in a shared network location for ease of import, and the cut system allows setting up tracks drawn from source files to be edited or looped without altering the original file. The operator can assemble playlists of cuts for instant recall, or for manual or automated playback.

“The biggest benefit of the C-Play feature is its full integration within the existing control surface,” notes Duffel. “The engineer no longer needs to turn away from the desk to address a piece of playback hardware. More importantly, all the settings become part of whatever project is being worked on, so all settings are automatically saved as part of the project, and similarly are loaded along with you mic settings when you come back to it, streamlining the setup process and simplifying things for the operator.”

Along with the introduction of C-Play, Solid State Logic’s latest software release includes a host of additional new functionality. Both the C10HD and C100HDS will now support Mosart Medialab’s News Cast Automation System. Mosart Medialab joins Ross OverDrive and Sony ELC as SSL-supported automation systems. In addition, the new software supports full duplex connectivity with Riedel RockNet audio networks, including remote preamp control and compatibility with Riedel’s Independent Gain System.

The new software updates also bring upgrades to surround production. The 5.1 fold-down system will now include user-adjustable gain settings for the individual elements of the 5.1 system, plus an overall stereo output level trim and new mono downmix option. Owners of the C10HD console will be pleased to learn that the new Version 3 software also provides them with the sophisticated program delay system and gating system, features previously available only on the C100 Series.

On a hardware level, the Version 4 software for the C100 and Version 3 for C10 consoles also introduces Loop Redundancy Mode for SSL MORSE stageboxes and the company’s Alpha-Link LIVE-R MADI I/O unit. The latter adds a set of redundant MADI optical fiber connections, while the loop redundancy mode reduces the number of fiber cables needed to achieve redundant connectivity.

“Both the C10HD and C100HDS have been very successful for us, and SSL will continue to support our users through software releases that add real value,” concludes Duffel.

“Our goal is to bring more functionality to the operator while streamlining workflow at the same time. With these new software updates, SSL consoles continue their evolution.”