SSL DV features Gravity News Studio at Telemundo 2010

SSL DV, a Solid State Logic company, is featuring the Gravity News Studio system at Telemundo 2010. This system, a part of the Gravity Media Asset Management family of solutions, delivers the necessary editing and delivery power to the burgeoning Mexican and Latin American broadcast news markets.

Gravity News Studio is format independent, media independent, hardware independent, scalable and expandable. It is primarily composed of a Gravity Asset Manager system and the Gravity Package Production Tool (PPT), which enables end user to work in a totally renderless environment.

The Gravity PPT is the desktop edit client and main user interface for the Gravity News Studio. It enables the user to collect material, browse for additional media, edit, enhance metadata and publish material for multiformat distribution, including broadcast and Internet streaming.

The Gravity Asset Manager software is the media management tool for users of the Gravity News Studio system. It allows users to capture, playout, move, monitor and manage media assets across the entire system.