SSL C100 HD-S Scores at Mansion Mobile

The Solid State Logic C100 HD-S audio console
We built our new 53-foot expando truck for coverage of sporting events for Major League Baseball, National Football League, Big-12 college football, Major League Soccer and the National Basketball Association, and also to capture live concert and entertainment events.

There are many considerations in designing a mobile production vehicle, and one of the biggest is audio capability. To achieve the sort of versatility that we knew we would require, we chose a 56-fader Solid State Logic C100 HD-S console that's equipped with 128 mic pre-amps, an SSL MORSE routing system and two SSL Delta Link MADI HD modules that can link the C100 to a 128-channel Pro Tools system.

Our parent company, Mansion Entertainment, also has a recording divisionóMansion Recordsóand that division's recording studio uses an SSL 9000J series analog console. We've had a wonderful relationship with SSL in the past, and we wanted to continue that relationship far into the future. We've always been, and continue to be, a firm believer in the quality of SSL's audio products. And because we do so much live to air work, we know that we can trust our C100 to perform day in and day out without any glitches.


Another consideration in purchasing the C100 was the topology of the console itself. The C100 has a layout with knob-per-function features that are similar to those you'd expect to find only on a traditional analog console. You immediately see what's happening with such things as routing, mic gain and EQ's without having to spend time paging through menus. In a live situation, you want to be focused on the program, not digging through a page menu. This is also why the C100 has a very short learning curve. If you're already familiar with an analog console, you can very quickly feel at home with the C100. All this makes for a smooth workflow.

Our new truck is also equipped with the Grass Valley LDK 8000 multiformat HD cameras with the 24P to accommodate our business plan for originating entertainment programs, as well as sports. That's why we included the MADI IO for Pro Tools. This allows clients to multitrack without renting a separate audio truck.

We wanted to make our truck entertainment friendly and SSL is synonymous with high-quality sound in the recording and entertainment industry.

Finally, the "features vs. cost" ratio of the C-100 compared to its closest competitors in the mobile truck market came out very favorably. The C-100 is a powerhouse of a console with its 5.1 capabilities and its routing structure, and has proven to be a valuable asset to our business.

For the past three years, Brad Palmer has overseen all personnel and vehicle logistics for the Mobile Television Division of Mansion Entertainment. He may be contacted

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