SRS Announces New Loudness Solution Product

SRS Labs, a Santa Ana, Calif. manufacturer of audio technologies, has announced that it has developed a new product for dealing with volume fluctuations in television audio delivery.

The TruVolume product is intended for use in MPEG-4 set top decoders and will be implemented in new products from STMicroelectronics, an STB integrated circuit manufacturer. The SRS technology promises to treat loudness issues in both analog and digital streams. It works in concert with MPEG-4 single-chip decoders and is described as making minimal memory and processing power demands on the decoder chips.

“STMicroelectronics was the first SRS platform partner to enable and certify SRS TruVolume in set-top-box ICs,” said Joanna Skrdlant, senior director of the Global Platform Partner Program for SRS Labs. “As our initial solution partner for set-top-boxes, ST's knowledge of set-top-box ICs and support in providing evaluation systems for their existing customers has provided us with valuable insight and opportunity to address the unique challenges of volume leveling in today's complex cable, satellite, pay and free-to-air boxes.”

The SRS development is designed to be used with eight of the leading MPEG-4 chips produced by STMicrolectronics.