Spin Digital Launches 8K Live Video HEVC Encoder

Spin Enc Live
(Image credit: Spin Digital)

BERLIN—Spin Digital has released a new HEVC/H.265 software real-time encoder designed for 8K live video applications, the Spin Enc Live. With the new encoder, users can generate live UHD resolutions for broadcast and internet streaming applications.

Spin Enc Live can compress 8K content in real time at low bitrates. It features an optimized HEVC encoder, as well as modules for input capture and output streaming.

The new encoder fulfills the requirements for 8Kp60 broadcasting and streaming applications, per Spin Digital, including:

  • Real-time operation mode
  • HDR model compliance 
  • Broadcast-level rate control 
  • HDR and wide color gamut support 
  • Input capture based on SDI 
  • Simultaneous output for broadcasting (TSoIP) and internet streaming (HLS) 
  • Audio encoding up to 22.2 channels 

Spin Digital also says that the encoder provides minimal latencies in both high-efficiency (long GOP) and low-delay (short GOP) operation modes.

The Spin Enc Live encoder is also able to be used for other live applications, like 4K with High Frame Rates or immersive live experiences with ultra-high resolution 360-degree video, according to Spin Digital. The company says that as more computing resources become available, higher resolutions and frame rates will be achievable.

Spin Digital is now offering the Spin Enc Live encoder for licensing, either as a complete application or as a module as part of the Spin Digital SDK. For more information, visit www.spin-digital.com