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Spherex Harnesses ML to Help Producers Go Global

(Image credit: Spherex)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Even though revenue from global markets covers half or more of the costs for major U.S. movie and TV productions and many streaming services are rapidly launching around the world, companies continue to struggle with the difficulty of making their content appeal to the cultural diversity of global audiences. 

To help with that problem, the global entertainment technology and data company, Spherex is launching a new product called SpherexGreenlight that combines machine learning and human curation to capture societal and cultural cues from more than 120 countries around the world. 

These insights are then applied to movies and TV shows set for global distribution so that studios and networks can easily adapt their new releases to be fully compliant with local norms and reach larger audiences, the company said. 

“SpherexGreenlight was developed in response to market demand for combined cultural and regulatory insights that enable our media and entertainment clients to make data-informed decisions earlier in the production cycle.” said Spherex CEO Teresa Phillips. “Media and entertainment companies spend tens of millions of dollars annually producing new content for worldwide distribution. Greenlight assures that the content will reach the right audiences in each local market and avoid cultural missteps or censorship.”   

The SpherexGreenlight technology highlights which scenes to edit in order to comply with local regulations; helps predict how a movie or TV show will be perceived by audiences worldwide; delivers data to make informed decisions about local marketing; and helps minimizes risk of offense or censure in local markets, the company said. 

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