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South Africa's Concilium Technologies supports Harris customers during World Cup

Harris is working with South Africa's Concilium Technologies to provide on-site broadcasters with local service and support during the World Cup tournament in South Africa via several different levels of ServicePAK contracts. This includes free advance exchange of equipment, 24/7 technical phone support and on-site technical support.

Harris ServicePAK support contracts are available to all Harris customers on location for the duration of the games. Depending on the level of the ServicePAK chosen, contracts provide a mix of in-country Harris parts, equipment and technical support staff to support coverage of the event. Customers who currently hold a Gold ServicePAK that covers Harris products all year, or those who purchase a Gold ServicePAK now, will receive support at no additional cost.

Customers may also choose a ServicePAK that provides support only for the duration of the tournament (May 30-July 12). This ServicePAK option includes labor and/or spare parts, depending on the level of support selected.

Concilium Technologies is an independent South African company specializing service and support for the broadcasting, telecommunications and test and measurement industries.