Soundcraft upgrades Vi series consoles at AES

At AES, Soundcraft showed an updated version of its Vi6 and Vi4 digital live sound consoles, adding features and additional security in the event of power failure.

Version 2.0 of the operating software for the consoles adds copy/paste facilities and a new library function.

The copy/paste function allows the settings of any channel, bus, FX section or processing element to be copied and pasted to any number of other channels, saving set-up time and helping eliminate errors. The last paste operation can be quickly reversed with an undo function.

Blocks or individual parameters within a channel are selected for copying via touch-screen selection on the same Vistonics II screens that are used for audio control functions.

The new library functionality allows a user to select any set of parameters in use on the console to be stored in the internal library and recalled at will. The libraries can be exported to, or imported from, the USB memory stick allowing users to build up their own portable channel and processing libraries that can easily be transferred to any Vi console they have to work on.

The master output graphic and parametric equalizers can now be linked for easier LR or LCR EQ adjustments, while on stereo input channels the pan and gain controls are now individually adjustable on left and right.

A new auto-backup system ensures that in the event of power loss during a show, the last settings of the desk will be retained and restored automatically when power is restored, meaning no changes to the audio.

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