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Sound Devices announces firmware, hardware upgrades to 788T

At the recent AES, Sound Devices announced a major firmware upgrade to its flagship 788T, an eight-channel digital recorder with time code. The firmware upgrade, version 1.5, offers several improvements to existing features aimed primarily at streamlining the command of content flow from capture to post production. In addition, the company has made several minor hardware upgrades to the unit.

Key features benefiting from the upgrade include metadata handling, where changes are now applied to files across all attached drives and all files for a given take. In addition, several new headphone monitor modes are now offered designed to facilitate surround capture sessions. New limiter capabilities are also included. Finally, users can now support multiple AES 42 digital microphones by activating the unit’s sampling rate converters. To obtain the 1.5 firmware revision, users need only go to the company’s Web site to download and install it.

Sound Devices also announced a hardware revision to the 788T. Part of the company’s continuous improvement program, these are internal changes designed to increase accuracy and reliability of the time code circuitry, mic preamps and power supply. While not required, the hardware update is recommended to bring units manufactured prior to Sept. 8, 2008, up to current specifications; the hardware update is free.

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