Sony Shows Gratitude; Innovations for 4K, 3D

Alec Shapiro stands by the F65 camera while holding a 1 TB SRMASTER memory card.
Noting that Sony employees escaped with no personal harm, Sony Broadcast and Production Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Alec Shapiro thanked everyone who reached out with offers of help and donations after the historic March 2011 earthquake in Japan.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Shapiro also noted that Sony aims to resume manufacturing SR tape this summer. A new high-end camera, the F65 CineAlta, was unveiled. With an 8K sensor, it delivers real 4K image capture. "It delivers better pictures than anyone has ever seen before." Shapiro also introduced Sony's SRMASTER solid-state SR memory technology, with 5 Gbps transfer speed. He pulled a 1 TB memory card from his shirt pocket.

"3D has certainly been an education for all of us," said Shapiro. "Sony has taken the leadership position in 3D without a dedicated 3D camera, but today we are introducing two new 3D camcorders."

Sony joined partners Discovery and IMAX to premier the 3net 3D channel in February. Earlier this year Sony debuted its OLED Trimaster EL reference monitors, the first with resolution and colorimetry to replace CRT reference monitors. "High quality production requires the highest quality video monitors," Shapiro said.

—Craig Johnston, TV Technology