Sony, NRK Partner on Cloud-Based Automated Production Tool

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has partnered with Norwegian broadcaster NRK on a Proof of Concept project involving a cloud-based automated production tool.

Codenamed Metadata Wrangler, the toolset aims to refine the production process by removing the duplication of metadata entry combined with automated content management.

Metadata Wrangler works by automatically connecting files (in this case proxy files) from connected cameras with existing preproduction metadata sourced from production planning.

Incoming files are identified, populated with metadata and placed in the appropriate cloud folders,  which Sony says makes them easily searchable by editors and production staff. Developed and refined during production of "Kokkeliv" ("A Chef’s Life"), NRK and Sony refined iterations of the service for each season across a 12-month period.

Metadata Wrangler has been built to work with Sony’s Ci media Cloud platform.

“For us, transferring proxy versions of captured footage directly from the camera to a server or cloud service has shown a great production value,” said Trond Ramberg, technology supervisor, post production workflow, at NRK. “This combined with an early metadata harvest and preservation all the way to the editing stage is an important measure for efficient media management. If solved, this has the potential to become a game-changer for the industry.”

Jenny Priestley

Jenny has worked in the media throughout her career, joining TVBEurope as editor in 2017. She has also been an entertainment reporter, interviewing everyone from Kylie Minogue to Tom Hanks; as well as spending a number of years working in radio. She continues to appear on radio every week and occasionally pops up on TV.