Sonnet Speeds Extreme Sports Editing

Sonnet Technologies’ Fusion D400QR5 desktop four-drive RAID storage system
Having worked on several snowboarding, skating, and surf movies, I’m no stranger to the challenges of capturing, editing, and storing footage in the field. Post Hole Productions is a hardcore action-sports production company that’s been providing filming, editing, directing, consulting, and music supervision services for a wide range of extreme sports in all kinds of environments since 2006.


Typically, on these projects, I use a rackmount server in conjunction with an external hard drive to store and edit footage on location. However, this setup is quite slow when transferring data, and just cannot handle the demands of the extremely large pro-resolution files generated by RED cameras. Recently I looked for another storage system that could keep up with out requirements, and after shopping around, chose Sonnet Technologies’ Fusion D400QR5 desktop four-drive RAID storage system.

When dealing with movie or TV footage, I usually work with a very large amount of data, so fast file transfers were an important consideration. The D400QR5 provides a choice of interfaces: eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB 2.0. I use the eSATA connection, which provides extremely fast data read transfer rates of up to 225 Mbps. With this speed advantage, I’ve been able to cut my transfer times by more than half. In addition, I now keep the files on the D400QR5, which allows me to master and color the project directly from the Sonnet drive. Further, since each interface requires only one cable connection between the storage system and computer, my setup is dramatically simplified, and this really is a huge benefit when you’re working in the field.

As I frequently have to take the unit to a variety of locations, portability and durability were also key factors in choosing the D400QR5. The unit measures only 5.9x11.2x7.5-inches, and weighs in at just slightly less than 15 pounds with its drives. With such a compact size and low weight, I’m able to keep it in my carry-on bag on planes, and I’ve even driven a scooter with the unit under my seat.


This durable storage system also employs Enterprise/RAID Edition hard drives that offer superior performance, error handling, and reliability characteristics. Since my purchase, the D400QR5 has traveled countless miles with me on planes, trains, motorcycles, cars, and buses, and it still runs very smoothly. This is the only portable unit I would take with me on the road, as it has everything I need, including 4 TB of storage. Even when working on TV clips, it’s pretty rare that I need anything more than that. Also, its faster performance creates a more efficient workflow, allowing me to charge fewer billable hours to the client.

Ryan Groat is the owner of action-sports production company Post Hole Productions. He has worked on several award-winning surf films, skate videos, and other independent projects. He may be contacted at

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