Solid State Logic Upgrades System T Broadcast Platform

System T v3.0 (Image credit: Solid State Logic)

OXFORD, England—Solid State Logic has announced the latest version of its System T broadcast platform, which is designed to expand AoIP integration for direct console routing control for ST 2110-30 and AES67 streams as well as an embedded operating system upgrade for remote production and increased IP expansion and connectivity.

This new version of System T, v3.0, provides new functionality across the whole console range, including the S500, S500m and TCR. It also builds on previous enhancements like NGA and immersive audio, and DAW and dynamic automation, SSL says.

The platform has migrated to Windows 10 Embedded for reduced development cycles and advanced feature deployment. It also has added support for TeamViewer, which enables consoles to be remotely accessed through a standard internet connection.

“System T provides the most advanced AoIP integration of any audio console, supporting Dante, AES67 and ST 2110 on the same hardware interfaces, with full discovery and dynamic routing of any Dante enabled devices directly from the console GUI,” said Tom Knowles, SSL Broadcast product manager. “With this new level of management and control, the System T console becomes your routing control system for AoIP of any variety.”

Additional updates have been made to System T’s onboard Effects Rack with a new reverb with degenerative noise controls, a 10-band parametric EQ with FFT overlay, plus an overhaul of channel and bus path presets.

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