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Solid State Logic introduces major upgrade to Duality Console at AES

At AES 2009, Solid State Logic released the Duality SE hybrid analog console and DAW controller. Duality is designed with a hybrid approach, combining an analog signal path and processing with advanced DAW control within a single hardware surface. The new SE version boasts a host of both hardware and software improvements over the original version. Both the Duality SE console and SE software upgrade for existing Duality owners are now available.

At the center of improvements is the introduction of Ethernet connection between the console and DAW host computer. This single-cable approach simplifies installation. The existing MIDI ports on the console are retained and can be used for outboard MIDI equipment, effectively making Duality a MIDI interface. A new dual-layer DAW control enables control of two DAWs simultaneously with seamless switching of hardware surface controls between manipulations of each DAW layer. The Duality Logictivity Browser has also been refreshed with new features, a streamlined user interface and new visual appearance. The solo/cut tiles across the channel strips have been replaced with a new set of LCD screens, which provide more information and improved viewing angles.

The analog side of Duality SE receives 25 individual feature additions. An autocue system provides options to set how the talkback and listen switches and red light mode physically operate or respond to play or record transport commands. The SSL automation system has been enhanced with the addition of an offline trim facility, selection of automation update status at the head of the mix, and the addition of automation for all cue, FX and EQ insert switches. The monitor volume control is also updated with a new calibration facility, a new fine mode with 0.4dB increments and three display modes: film (off-95db), music (1-11) or gain (off-0db). The total recall system gains a smart autoscan feature that significantly speeds up recall.