Snell launches Centra control and monitoring platform

Snell has introduced Centra, a control and monitoring solution that introduces new levels of content monitoring, system intelligence and reporting to multivendor media environments.

In addition to complete integration of all Snell products, Centra provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive third-party driver libraries and uses open protocols such as SNMP. The company’s MCM Workbench and RollCall suite of products deliver robust control and monitoring of Snell routing and modular ranges, switchers, multiviewers and third-party devices.

Recognizing that flexible control and monitoring is much more than device control and simple alarms, Snell developed Centra to serve as a real-time solution that not only manages multivendor equipment failures, but also includes simple interfaces and wizards for the setup and configuration required of a typical broadcast operation.

Centra provides an operator-focused interface in which recalls are possible with the press of a button, and built-in intelligence eliminates confusion and increases efficiency. The system works for broadcast and real-time production environments as well as OB trucks, studios and post-production facilities.

The company has also introduced a new range of 1RU pushbutton, keypad and LCD control panels designed to operate the features within Centra. Initially focused on router control, the panels will eventually enable configuration of a wide range of Snell products.