Singular Software releases DualEyes for Macintosh

Singular Software has made DualEyes, a stand-alone application for the automatic synchronization of video and audio clips for dual-system audio production, available for Mac OS X users.

Designed to work alongside any video editing application, DualEyes is streamlined for the replacement of in-camera scratch audio with separately recorded high-quality audio. It is widely used with video from DSLRs and eliminates the painful process of manual audio replacement during post production.

Recommended for both novice users and seasoned professionals, DualEyes synchronizes and cuts audio to automatically match each video clip in both start time and duration. Users record audio on a separate recorder and use DualEyes to replace the camera audio with the high-quality separate audio. With DualEyes’ technology, all original media files are kept intact, while new media files are created for advanced flexibility.

DualEyes enables users to sync and interleave the high-quality audio with the original video without rerendering the video. The result is a new clip, ready for editing, that has the original-quality video synced with the high-quality audio.