Siano supplies mobile TV chip for Dell’s new USB digital tuner

Siano Mobile Silicon is the supplier of the mobile TV chip technology for Dell’s new USB digital TV tuner for the Inspiron Mini. Dell teamed with Siano Mobile Silicon and Hauppauge Computer Works to design the tuner. The tuner is ready for the U.S. digital TV switchover and will receive local digital and HD TV broadcasts.

The USB digital TV Tuner works with the Dell customized version of Ubuntu Linux (8.04), Windows XP and Windows Vista Basic. Similar in size to a USB key, it includes a built-in telescoping and retractable articulating antenna.

Dell will offer region-specific versions, designed to receive local broadcast standards, including mobile digital television standards like ATSC in the U.S., DVB-T in Western Europe, ISDB-T 1 seg in Japan and China's emerging CMMB standard.

Dell expects the tuner to be available later this quarter, first in Europe, followed by North America, the Asia-Pacific region and China.

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