Shure ships new Microflex models

Shure has announced the availability of new Microflex microphones. Styled with a streamlined, low profile design ideally suited for situations where unobtrusive integration is desired, each model provides versatile functionality, easy setup, and premium sound quality. Like their predecessors, the new gooseneck models all feature interchangeable cartridges as well.

Featured products include the MX405 and MX410, 5in and 10in goosenecks, respectively, offered in both wired and wireless configurations. Outfitted with fully adjustable goosenecks, five-pin XLR connectors (wired versions) and a sleek new windscreen, both can be used with a surface-mount preamp, wired desktop base with a programmable mute switch or the MX890 wireless desktop base. Users can also choose either a bicolor status indicator or a red light ring to keep tabs on microphone operation.

Available in white, black and aluminum, the low-profile MX395 boundary mic is available with omni, cardioid and bidirectional polar patterns. The black version can be outfitted with an optional logic-controlled, bicolor status indicator.

Sold as either a two- or three-element desktop conference microphone, the MX396 comes with a centrally mounted, remote-controlled, bicolor status indicator and integrated mute switch. To accommodate different seating arrangements, the elements in the three-element model can be reconfigured for center-of-table or end-of-table applications.

The MX690 is a wireless desktop boundary microphone with bicolor status indicator, mute switch and infrared sync. The MX890 is a wireless desktop base unit offering a quick-release, six-pin jack to facilitate gooseneck changes, a mute switch and infrared sync.

The new wireless Microflex models are built upon Shure's popular SLX platform featuring Audio Reference Companding circuitry to ensure sonic quality. As part of the new Microflex series, the SLX4L receiver featuring logic output pins is also making its industry debut.

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