Shenick servicEye hastens black screen failure, audio loss detection

Shenick Network Systems has upgraded its servicEye IPTV performance monitoring and service assurance solution.

With servicEye, IPTV providers can detect black screen failure and audio cut out in a matter of seconds. Detecting video and audio errors quickly means IPTV providers can reduce customer churn and prevent revenue loss.

Differentiating between black images on a black background as part of regular viewing and genuine black screen error presents a unique challenge for IPTV service providers. In black screen failure, the screen shows no image. With audio cut out, viewers can see images, but there’s no sound.

IPTV end users, who are accustomed to standard TV, expect assured quality of experience (QoE) with fast, interactive responsiveness when problems arise. Schenik’s servicEye reliably cuts black screen error detection down to seconds and reduces the number of false positives.

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