SGL leverages linear data tape file system for digital media workflow

At the 2011 NAB Show, Software Generation (SGL) will demonstrate a Linear Tape File System (LTFS) for storing media files in broadcast workflow.

Traditionally, data is written to a media archive in a proprietary format, which means there is no interoperability between systems from different vendors. Also, archive libraries can generally only be controlled by archive management systems.

With the advent of the LTFS (developed by HP (opens in new tab), IBM and Quantum), this is no longer the case. Specific LTO-5 and all future LTO tape formats will support LTFS and enable true interoperability between what were once disparate systems.

This approach has wide implications for broadcasters, post-production and acquisition workflow where content can be acquired to disk on location, dragged and dropped to data tape, and then transported back to a facility. It removes the need to reingest content to the archive and also enables large amounts of data to be transported and archived on a single LTO-5 tape (1.6TB).

SGL said the new technology, which is the next natural progression for the company, changes the landscape of media archiving and, for the first time, allows true interoperability between different vendors.