Sensaphonics shipping hardwired version of 3D Active Ambient IEM

The state-of-the-art 3D Active Ambient in-ear monitoring system is now available as a standalone hardwired system.
The new hardwired 3D Active Ambient IEM System uses earphone-mounted miniature mics and a compact bodypack mixer to add ambient sound to the in-ear mix.

Sensaphonics, makers of high-end custom earphones for music and broadcast, is now shipping a standalone hardwired version of its 3D Active Ambient IEM System. The new 3DAA-HW uses tiny microphones embedded in custom earphones to pick up stage ambience with natural sound quality and accurate directional cues. This binaural ambient signal is sent to the compact 3D-HW bodypack mixer, where it is combined with the monitor feed with zero latency. As a result, users can hear ambient sound selectively while keeping the ears fully sealed.

The system has two operating modes, perform and full ambient, selected with a simple toggle switch. In perform mode, the monitor mix level is controlled with a volume knob on top of the bodypack mixer, where it is combined with the audio from the earphone mics. In full ambient mode, the local ambient sound is presented at unity gain while IEM levels are dynamically reduced.

The custom-fit earphone set is available in single-driver and dual-driver versions. Both are balanced armature designs for full-range reproduction, with the 3D-2 dual-driver version providing more headroom and extended bass response. Both have Sensaphonics’ soft-gel silicone earpieces, providing a comfortable fit and quality isolation. The precision-tuned embedded microphones can handle levels of up to 140dB without distortion.

The 48in cable assembly is rugged, flexible and easily field replaceable. A switchable onboard limiter provides protection from unexpected loud sounds, acting independently on the ambient signal and monitor mix. A 9ft dual XLR cable is provided to connect the monitor mix output to the 3D-HW bodypack mixer’s LEMO input.

The Sensaphonics 3D-HW Active Ambient IEM System is now shipping, and can be ordered directly. The system will be available for demonstrations in the Sensaphonics booth, #6852 in Hall A, at the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Jan. 17-20, 2008.

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