Sensaphonics launches 3MAX triple-driver earphones

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, a technology leader in IEM design, has introduced the 3MAX, a triple-driver custom earphone. A triple-driver earphone with the comfort of soft-gel silicone earpieces, the new 3MAX also features a field-replaceable cable as standard. By combining a twin-driver bass system with a precision high-frequency driver, the 3MAX delivers exceptionally accurate in-ear audio with higher SPL and more bass headroom than any previous model.

“We were the first manufacturer to extend low frequency response by adding a second speaker to a custom earphone,” said Michael Santucci, president and founder of Sensaphonics. “To meet today’s demands on IEM earphone performance, we developed a triple-driver design that can deliver as much acoustic push as modern wireless systems can provide, while retaining the sound signature that has made our 2MAX and 2X-S models so successful in touring sound.”

In finalizing the 3MAX design, a panel of monitor engineers and musicians participated in blind tests to select the best sound quality. “It’s not how many drivers you can fit into an earphone — it’s how accurate they sound,” Santucci said. “And with the 3MAX, we’ve achieved a new level of excellence. Our test panel confirms it.”

Because the 3MAX attains significantly higher levels than previous Sensaphonics designs, “As an audiologist, I actively encourage musicians to listen at safe levels. We strongly urge 3MAX customers to also consider our dB Check in-ear sound analyzer,” Santucci said. The dB Check is an in-line device that allows users to see their in-ear levels in real time, and how long they can safely listen at that volume.

Sensaphonics also makes a custom silicone IFB earpiece for broadcasters, the ProPhonic 321. The new 3MAX was demonstrated extensively during the NAMM Show and is now available for direct order.