Sennheiser’s 27 Series Headsets Set to Hit Market

AMSTERDAM—Sennheiser has flipped the page from its 26 series of broadcast headsets and introduced the new 27 series during the recent IBC conference. Made up of the HME 27, HMD 27 and HMDC 27, the new models offer a closed, circumaural headset.

HMD 27

All three of the 27 series models come with soft earpads and Sennhesier’s “split” headband. They also comply with the EC directive on noise in the workplace, as each is fitted with a switchable ActiveGard function that is designed to protect against noise bursts by detecting noise peaks above 110 dB and compressing the signal to 110 dB.

Where the headsets differ are their microphones. The HME 27 features a pre-polarized condenser microphone with cardioid pick-up pattern with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz. Both the HMD 27 and HMDC 27 come with a hyper-cardioid boom microphone with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 18 kHz.

The 27 series is compatible with the 26 series, allowing for existing cable to be used on either model. The microphone booms are also compatible.

Sennheiser plans to release the 27 series later in September.