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Sencore introduces ATSC 8-VSB-to-ASI/SD card

Sencore has introduced is a new receiver-decoder card for its openGear chassis. The AG4801 card is an 8-VSB-to-ASI/SDI receiver-decoder card that enables users to receive ATSC broadcast signals and output those signals via ASI and SD/HD-SDI. It includes multichannel, high-density and multiformat decoding capabilities.

Features include transition from SD to HD sources without changing hardware, multiformat SD/HD MPEG-2/H.264 decoding, manual or AFD-triggered downconversion and remote access. Switchable SD/HD-SDI outputs and an ASI output can be fixed to the preferred center-cut, letterbox or anamorphic modes. Output formats can also be switched on the fly with support for AFD.