Sencore Debuts Impulse NB200E Streaming Tool, Support Services

(Image credit: Sencore)

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.—Signal transmission and content monitoring developer Sencore is sharing some of its latest product and services for consumers, including its new Impulse NB200E live online streaming platform.

The Impulse NB200E enables users to control the quality of a stream and produce a wide screen format for YouTube or Facebook. Users with a high-quality camera and tripod can simply add the internet for the Impulse NB200E to operate. 

On the service side of Sencore’s business, it has also recently announced that it will be adding a rental option. Customers will now be able to rent Sencore equipment on a monthly basis.

As the coronavirus continues, Sencore plans to host a series of weekly, live online events to focus on new technologies and its new products. Beginning at the end of April, Sencore product managers will present presentations on topics like ST 2110, transport over the internet and ATSC 3.0.

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