SeaChange Now Supports Avid MediaStream Files

Broadcast file server manufacturer, SeaChange International, has announced that their play-to-air broadcast platforms now provide native support for Avid MediaStream formatted files. SeaChange said the move is being viewed as relief for Avid customers operating MediaStream systems which were discontinued by their manufacturer last year.

"Many broadcasters have accumulated massive libraries of MediaStream content and are in need of an efficient and reliable means to convert that content into a playout format that will continue to be supported for the long term," said Stephane Jauroyou, SeaChange’s director of product marketing for broadcast solutions. "Our engineering team worked diligently to solve an enormous challenge to broadcasters by building a transcoder-free solution that can natively convert existing MediaStream files to the SeaChange format."

SeaChange reported that Avid stopped taking orders for MediaStream systems and parts last June and that all shipments ended on Sept. 30. According to information provided by SeaChange, Avid will continue to support existing systems through Sept. 2013.

The Acton, Mass.-based technology company said the addition of MediaStream format support means that SeaChange has the only platform for transferring the Avid files without reliance on third-party transcoding interfaces. The company noted that its innovation also preserved the full signal vertical blanking interval, which is key to maintaining file integrity.