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SD Association Boosts Transfer Rate With UHS-III

PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, JAPAN—The SD Association says it is doubling its SD memory card transfer rate with the introduction of the UHS-III bus interference. The UHS-III enables a transfer rate of up to 624 Mbps for data generated by 3D/360-degree/drone cameras, 4K and 8K videos, and wireless communication recorded on SDXC and SDHC memory cards.

With the UHS-III, users can manage content stored on SDXC memory cards more quickly, as well as be able to apply it to other existing SD cards thanks to its backwards compatibility. SDA released a visual mark to denote UHS-III SD memory cards, as shown in the picture.

The UHS-III high-speed interference signals are assigned to the second row of SD memory card pins introduced with UHS-II. It does not change the physical size or shape of the cards, requiring only a PHY change.