Script-Q teleprompter software now features improved interface

Version 4.0 of Winstanley Partners’ Script-Q prompter software has just been released, and includes a redesigned interface and more streamlined functionality. The software, which works on any laptop computer or teleprompter system, includes new features that can save users time and money.

Both the Basic and Advanced versions of Script-Q have been upgraded to offer new features, as well, and a third Professional version combines the most features of any Script-Q product to date.

A dual-screen scrolling feature automatically reverses text output from a PC or Mac laptop, while leaving the operator's display nonreversed. This allows less expensive nonreversing displays to be used without sacrificing functionality.

The Advanced version of ScriptQ features horizontal and vertical flipping, dual-screen operation and support for double-byte fonts. The Professional model further expands capabilities by adding script printing, spell-checking, a text search and replace function, the ability to use multiple fonts, sizes, and colors in a single document, and more. The Professional version also supports most teleprompter accessories, including foot pedals and remote controls.