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Screen Subtitling rolls out Polistream G500 HD, M-3500

Screen Subtitling Systems' latest innovations, the G5000 HD and M-3500, provide all types of subtitling services for HD.

From preparation through transmission to comprehensive monitoring systems, Screen has everything needed to create, transmit and monitor DVB, Teletext, Open (in vision), VANC HD Data and MPEG subtitles in both HD and SD formats.

The Polistream G5000 HD allows creation of animated logos and broadcast-quality subtitles using one box. The G5000 can be used for either transmission or post production and is well-suited for brand localization on major networks.

Using MPEG processing, Screen Subtitling has developed the Polistream M-3500, which can modify multiple MPEG-2 video streams without decoding and recoding the whole picture. The M3500 is able to add the text and graphics in real time.

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