Screen Service introduces XBT667 SPEED Multiplexer Mobile

Screen Service has announced the expansion of its family of multiplexer products with the introduction of the XBT667 SPEED Multiplexer Mobile. The SPEED Multiplexer Mobile enhances broadcasters’ existing DTV system with mobile DTV that can be decoded by a wide range of mobile DTV-enabled devices.

The SPEED Multiplexer Mobile preprocesses and incorporates all mobile DTV service data, such as mobile DTV audio and video streams and Electronic Service Guide (ESG) seamlessly and without interfering with legacy ATSC operation.

Offering all standard-compliant configuration possibilities, the SPEED Multiplexer Mobile can adapt to every legacy ATSC system and with its ASI and MPEG-over-IP interfaces, it can be integrated in every required way.

The FPGA-based SPEED Multiplexer Mobile is compact, lightweight and offers instant operation with almost no booting time.