Scopus Introduces New Processor for Cable Dual Carriage

Scopus Video Networks Ltd. has launched its IRP-3910 integrated receiver processor, a multichannel professional decoder/processor/downconverter unit. The IRP-3910 is an all-in-one unit fitting cable operators’ requirements and designed with the DTV transition in mind.

After the full-power analog television shutdown in February 2009, cable operators must continue to provide dual carry, both digital and analog formats through 2012. With the phase-out of analog broadcasts, operators receiving local channels as content feeds can deploy the IRP-3910 as a solution for dealing with the transition to an all-digital environment.

The IRP-3910 will enable cable operators to receive, process, multiplex, decode, and perform HD downconversion and aspect ratio adaptation of off-air ATSC broadcasts. Scopus’ IRP-3910 highlights include:

  • Up to four channels of HD decoding down conversion to baseband video.
  • Integrated multiplexing capabilities for digital turn-around.
  • A variety of front ends including 4 x 8VSB, 4 x ASI, and GBE inputs.
  • A variety of outputs including 2 x ASI, GBE, and baseband video/audio.
  • AFD-based static and dynamic aspect ratio conversion (16:9 to 4:3)
  • SAP, TV-Guide, AMOL, CC, and V-chip support.

The IRP-3910 will be demonstrated at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2008, June 24-27.