Scopus Debuts RTM-3300 Statistical Multiplexer

Scopus Network Technologies has launched its RTM-3300, a 10-input, 1-RU DVB Statistical Multiplexer/Re-Multiplexer and transport stream processor.

A new addition to Scopus' CODICO line, it is designed for broadcasters who need flexible, cost-saving equipment for several applications. It is suited for medium-size head ends and digital turnaround applications. It can also be useful in instances where broadcasters do not require excessive capacity, such as multichannel Digital Satellite News Gathering and Digital Electronic News Gathering applications.

The RTM-3300 can interface with multivendor head-end equipment and Conditional Access Systems. Features include:

* Statistical multiplexing support and advanced remultiplexing
* PSI/SI auto-generation and integration
* Generator support for DVB table editing and EPG insertion
* An open-system DVB Simulcrypt Interface