Scopus Debuts Digital Encoders for Newsgathering

Scopus has released two digital encoders, the CODICO E-1710 and E-1510, for the DSNG and DENG markets.

The E-1710, which combines encoding and modulation into a 1 RU, targets the DSNG market of up-link vans, SUV's and flyaway packages. With embedded L-band monitoring, it offers satellite and QPSK/8PSK/16QAM/COFDM modulation schemes.

The E-1510 MPEG-3 DSNG Exciter integrates encoding and modulating capabilities with an up-converter in a 2 RU chassis. It contains multi-functions on board with SNMP remote management and control, low delay and is based on a 4:2:0/4:2:2 encoder, 10/140 MHz modulator and a L/Ku up-converter unit.

Both the E-1710 and E-1510 support live broadcasting needs including low latency mode, variable GOP, BISS-CA, DVB scrambling and multiplexing capabilities.