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Samsung introduces wireless HD IPTV set-top box

Samsung Electronics has introduced the SMT-H6155 set-top box for delivery of high-definition television IPTV service over a wireless LAN.

The SMT-H6155, the result of a collaboration with STMicroelectronics and Metalink, is equipped with the STMicroelectronics STi7109 chipset, providing HD video decoding, and Metalink's 802.11n WLAN Plus chipset, which enables wireless delivery of multiple HD video streams throughout the home.

The SMT-H6155 is a hybrid that combines IP and DVB-T reception capabilities. It fully supports the delivery of HD contents over an IP network and enables various interactive functions such as VOD and IP multicasting. The set-top box combines MPEG-4 AVC/H.264/C1 capabilities on a single chipset produced using STMicroelectronics' SoC platform, and supports wireless digital video home networking using 802.11n.

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