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Sachtler Introduces Ace XL Fluid Head

MUNICH—Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, has unveiled an update to its Ace L fluid head with the release of the Ace XL 75 mm model.

The Ace XL features an increase in payload capacity from the Ace L, now offering a maximum payload of 17.6 pounds. It features eight counter-balance steps and the Synchronized Actuated Drag for panning and tilting, with a tilt range of 90 to -75 degrees. It also features a sliding range of 4.1 inches.

Sachtler is offering the Ace XL in three different configurations using the company’s carbon-fiber tripods. The choices are to have the Ace XL mounted on the Ace 75/2 CF with either a midlevel spreader or a grounded spreader, or paired with the TT 75/2 telescopic tripod. All three tripod systems come with a padded bag.

The Ace XL is now available in all three models.