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Sachtler unveils DV 10 SB fluid head

Sachtler has introduced the DV 10 SB fluid head, the smallest 100mm bowl-mount head in the Sachtler DV line.

The DV 10 SB is equipped with an array of functions, including a 12-step counterbalance as well as five horizontal and five vertical levels of drag plus 0. Its SpeedBalance technology enables fast, smooth adjustments, while the head's payload ranges from 2lbs to 26lbs and its tilt range extends from 90 degrees to 75 degrees.

The SpeedBalance feature greatly reduces setup time for the fluid head’s 12 steps of counterbalance. In addition to finer counterbalance graduation, SpeedBalance expands the payload range, including a reduction in minimum payload. The DV 10 SB is well-suited for lightweight camcorders, such as DVCAM, HDV and DV cameras.