Rycote ships Windshield 10 kit

Rycote has begun shipping a new windshield system suitable for compact microphones.

The Windshield 10 kit uses a specially configured version of Rycote’s existing small modular suspension, has a body length of 4.72in and is designed to accommodate Sennheiser's modular MKH8000 series microphones when fitted with the MZX8000 XLR connector.

The Windshield 10 kit weighs 1.65lbs and consists of:

  • the specially configured small modular suspension
  • the Windshield 10 ‘zeppelin’ and Windjammer 10 furry cover
  • microphone clips
  • Rycote's resilient, lightweight pistol grip handle
  • a boom pole adaptor
  • a spare bag

For more information, visit www.rycote.com.