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Rycote ships redesigned Softie windscreen

Rycote has made available a redesigned version of its Softie windscreen and microphone mount with Lyre suspension technology that’s lighter and delivers better isolation from handling noise than its predecessor.

The Softie is intended for shotgun mics and is widely used by documentary makers and in newsgathering applications. The main components of the new Softie include:

  • Open-cell acoustic foam with an integral fur cover, available in a variety of lengths and in two different diameters: 19mm-22mm and 24mm-25mm;
  • The universal Softie Lyre mount and bracket that holds and supports the microphone while also providing excellent isolation from handling or stand-borne noise;
  • A Softie Lyre mount available with either a lightweight, ergonomic pistol-grip handle or Rycote’s camera-clamp adaptor.