RTW pushes TouchMonitor devices for audio monitoring

RTW has introduced a new range of products for professional audio signal metering — the TouchMonitor TM7, with a 7in touch screen and the TouchMonitor TM9, with a 9in touch screen.

A highlight of the new audio metering series is a redesigned graphical user interface equipped with a touch-sensitive 16:9 high-resolution screen. The TM9 model unit also comes with an optional digital 3Gb/s SDI interface, which is targeted at broadcasters that need to manage new government mandated loudness control standards.

The new touch screen offers users the ability to easily position and scale individual instruments. For example, when multiple instruments of the same type are assigned to different input channels, they are displayed simultaneously and configured separately. An interactive, context-sensitive help feature allows quick and efficient configuration changes, all with the touch of a finger.

In addition, RTW and Lawo, a German-based manufacturer of consoles, said the TouchMonitor TM7 would be available as a fully integrated OEM product for the Lawo mc² range of digital audio consoles. RTW will also offer TC Electronic’s unique Loudness Radar Meter LM5D, a tool for predictable loudness management, as a software option for the TouchMonitor series.