RTS develops virtually linked intercoms

RTS (www.rtsintercoms.com) has introduced VLink Mobile, a new option that offers fully interconnected, DHCP-compliant virtual communications for RTS intercom systems.

Available in basic and premium versions, VLink Mobile features include unlimited access, flexible configuration, full integration into RTS matrix intercom systems, DCHP compliance, SIP support, flexible connectivity and true mobility.

It's compatible with Mac and PC and optimized for use with mobile devices. The RTS VLink enables remote users to interface with RTS matrix intercoms via the Internet using a simple application, providing control and flexibility from anywhere in the world. VLink supports SIP to provide enhanced connectivity.

Two RTS VLink systems are available: the basic RTS VLink-LE system comprises a standalone software/server-based intercom providing limited interconnect functionality into any existing audio feed; the premium RTS VLink system provides intelligent trunking links into an RTS intercom matrix to provide full support for RTS intercom alphas and matrix access for standard communications workflows.

VLink is compliant with the EBU Tech 3347 Standard specifying the transport protocols, coding algorithms, encapsulation, and signaling required to ensure interoperability in audio-over-IP production intercoms.