Roundabout Entertainment Adopts Tachyon Wormhole

SAN FRANCISCO —Wohler Technologies announced that Burbank, Calif.-based postproduction facility Roundabout Entertainment invested in the Tachyon Wormhole automated file-based retiming and standards conversion technology to increase the capacity of its retiming services. Tachyon Wormhole performs a plus or minus runtime adjustment of program content while preserving video and audio quality and closed-caption integrity, Wohler said.

Wohler’s RadiantGrid platform serves as the file-based processing framework that integrates retiming of closed-captioning data, audio retiming, and pitch correction into the Tachyon Wormhole video processing workflow. The turnkey retiming system can process up to two video assets simultaneously while synchronously handling up to 64 channels of audio and CEA-608 and -708 caption data.

Tachyon Wormhole also supports standards conversion, deinterlacing, retechnology conversion, inverse telecine, and broken cadence removal/correction, with additional options such as Dolby E processing and color legalization.