Ross Video UX 4.0 Release Adds New Tools To Virtual Production Control

IROQUOIS, Ontario — Ross Video this week announced a forthcoming user interface release that improves dynamic, intuitive control over virtual productions.

The new version, UX 4.0, will update the Ross Video UX Xperience, a control center application that users can customize with an intuitive touchscreen graphical user interface. It integrates seamlessly with tracking systems, key products and real-time 3-D rendering engines, including Ross Video’s Xpression and Frontier, the company said.

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“UX 4.0 is building on the success of previous UX versions,” said Gideon Ferber, director of marketing product management for Ross Virtual Solutions. “We’ve added tools to make the production smarter and more dynamic while keeping operation as straightforward and user-friendly as ever.”

The new release enhances the functionality and connectivity of various components, including UX Track, UX Server, workflow capabilities and tracking and mounts. Ross also is adding a new Visual Logic feature and an Unreal4 plug-in with UX 4.0.

The Visual Logic feature is a new quadrant that lets users create sophisticated behaviors by dragging and dropping parameters on a canvas and connecting them in a visual, node-based way. While no previous coding experience is needed to use Visual Logic, the feature offers an extensive set of tools to create intricate behaviors, the company said.

The Unreal plug-in gives users a means of feeding data as strings, integers, floats, vectors, drive animations and meshes from UX into the blueprint layer of the Unreal engine, it added.

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Phil Kurz

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