Ross Updates Acuity Switcher With 12G Single-Link Connectivity

OTTAWA—An update of the Acuity production switcher is now available from Ross featuring the addition of 12G single-link connectivity.

The new Acuity 12G MultiProcessing input module is a 20-input card that adds single-link connectivity (on every fourth input) and provides independent input signal management functions. In addition, Ross added complete video processing on every input; untimed sources and varied formats; and support for legacy 1080p level B devices.

In addition, the new module can convert SD/720p/1080i signals to 1080p, which can then be internally converted to UHD; support for HDR conversions; can convert QSD inputs to 2SI format; and includes a 20 input MultiViewer that can be sent to any output in the system, eliminating the need for additional monitoring.

The Acuity 12G module is now available.