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Ross Video offers new openGear A/D converter

At IBC2008, Ross Video announced the ADC-8432, an analog audio-to-AES/EBU converter that is part of the company’s openGear product family.

The unit is a broadcast-quality converter that transforms two analog audio channels to an AES/EBU signal, accepting one stereo (left, right) analog audio pair and providing four copies of the AES/EBU signal. The A/D conversion is performed with 24-bit precision and supports sampling rates of 32kHz-192kHz with AES (DARS) reference or internal reference.

The openGear range is an open-architecture, 2RU modular frame system designed by Ross Video and supported by more than 17 different terminal equipment manufacturers. The Ross Dashboard Remote Control and Monitoring System and companion SNMP plug-in enable unified control over all openGear cards in a system as well as for openGear to tie in with third-party SNMP-based systems. Ross openGear modules include a broad selection of audio and video products for distribution, analog conversion, up/down/crossconversion, fiber, switching, keying and synchronization as well as backward-compatibility with a suite of solutions from the RossGear 8000 series.

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