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Ross Adds Options to Digital Switcher, Upgrades 3D DVE

Switcher and routing manufacturer Ross Video has added the upgraded Squeeze & Tease 3D DVE and Ultimatte Insider matting device options to the Synergy 100 Digital Production Switcher.

For Synergy 100, the Squeeze & Tease 3D provides two channels of 3D DVE effects which enables transitions, over-the-shoulder boxes and the ability to fly and transition any type of key.

The Squeeze & Tease 3D was upgraded with Version 9.0 software for Ross Synergy 1,2,3 & 4 Digital Production switchers. It now includes sequences, 3D "wipe" transitions, lighting, preprocessor effects and object creation.

The Synergy 100 has two chroma keyers in both key 1 and key 2. The Ultimatte Insider provides keying in critical applications.