Romania’s Pro TV selects Autoscript for teleprompting

Pro TV, Romania’s commercial broadcaster based in Bucharest, continues to upgrade all of its teleprompter systems with new versions from Autoscript. The broadcaster began the upgrade last year when it installed several Autoscript systems at its new HD broadcast and production facilities. Autoscript provides a complete range of PC-based teleprompter systems and accessories.

Pro TV’s HD studio is being furnished with three W17 HD on-air widescreen talent monitors designed to work with Autoscript Tft-17 on-camera prompters and three PCI Prompt cards and accessories.

Meanwhile the company’s mobile broadcast unit is being equipped with two WinPlus News XBOX solutions for portable plug-and-play prompting via USB interface. The OB unit also features four new Tft 17in monitors and two additional W17 HD widescreen on-air talent monitors.

Pro TV operates six national channels, over both satellite and terrestrial. In 2005 it launched the country’s first HD channel, ProTV HD, after building a new HD studio and associated HD transmission facilities.

Denis Tyler, a UK-based systems integrator, completed the contract.

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