Rohde & Schwarz simplifies digital TV transposer testing

Designed to streamline installation, maintenance and service, the latest release of R&S TxCheck software simplifies DVB-T/H transposer testing by combining the R&S ETL TV analyzer and the R&S SFE signal generator. Unlike systems that require manual settings, this transposer test can be performed automatically.

Installing the R&S TxCheck software on the R&S ETL controls the generation of signals by the R&S SFE, letting the measurement sequence run automatically, saving time and delivering reproducible measurement results.

A single click tests signal quality for output power, frequency accuracy, MER value and other transposer parameters. TxCheck can also check compliance with required spectrum masks, intermodulation and interference limit values as well as configure the extent of the measurements and define pass/fail criteria. A test report provides a clear overview of signal quality and problematic values.

Based on standard measuring instruments, the R&S TxCheck software easily retrofits into any R&S ETL and R&S SFE and can be used in other applications.

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