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Rohde & Schwarz Announces New Products, Deals at NAB

Rohde & Schwarz came to NAB2003 with several new products, spanning the range from test and measurement equipment to television and radio transmitters.

The company also reported large sales both internationally and domestically, in addition to announcing partnerships with Triveni Digital and Magni Systems.

On the test and measurement product line, Rohde & Schwarz announced the DVM-100 and DVM-120 MPEG monitoring systems.

"[They are] innovative MPEG-2 monitors--it's the most compact system on the market," said Mathias Leutiger, product marketing manager for broadcast test and measurement for Rohde & Schwarz.

The DVM-120 can monitor up to 20 MPEG transport streams in a 3 RU space, while the DVM-100 has a maximum of four transport streams. Both contain Fast Ethernet ports with SNMP protocol for easy connection to an IP network.

Rohde & Schwarz showed its new EFA-NET automated television test and measurement system that works with both analog and digital TV. A computer-based system, EFA-NET supports remote access across a LAN/WAN, the Internet and can even send data to a wireless PDA.

Another new test and measurement product at the Rohde & Schwarz booth is the EFL-100 test receiver. This is a compact and portable off-the-air receiver for FM radio and analog and digital television broadcasting. The unit contains a built-in battery and a video screen for maximum portability.

On the transmitter side, Rohde & Schwarz announced the SV7002, a tiny 12.5 W UHF DTV transmitter that can be scaled up to 420 W. The company also showed its SV702 DTV exciter, which is based on a custom ASIC.

Based in Germany, Rohde & Schwarz does much of its business internationally and has had a good business year.

"We have had an increase of 15 percent in our transmitter business this year," said Thomas Loichinger, product marketing manager for TV transmitters for Rohde & Schwarz.

One recent large purchase of Rohde & Schwarz transmitters was by PT. Duta Visual Nusantara - TV7. This Indonesian broadcaster purchased five 20 kW transmitters and three 10 kW transmitters from the Rohde & Schwarz NH7000 Series.

In the past two years, Rohde & Schwarz has delivered more than 20 transmitters in Indonesia.
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