Roger Nichols Digital announces Detailer plug-in for DAWs

The three-band limiter plug-in is ideal for stereo mastering or final mixdown.

Roger Nichols Digital (RND) has announced the release of its latest plug-in, Detailer. The Detailer is a stereo mastering tool or final mix plug-in for a DAW master fader. The Detailer offers a new way of increasing the detail or clarity while allowing increased loudness. The process involves a combination of a three-band limiter and dynamic widening using psycho-acoustic processing.

Operationally, the product is designed to produce the most effective result with the least amount of adjustment. The incoming signal is split into three frequency bands for independent processing. The plug-in uses spectral harmonic detection and intelligent parameter adjustment to achieve clean dynamic widening, and uses advanced limiting algorithms to ensure maximum audio levels while preserving dynamics. A comprehensive set of meters makes adjustments simple and accurate.

Potential users can download 14-day evaluation versions of the Detailer and other plug-ins from Roger Nichols Digital.

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