RIST Forum, SipRadius Team on RIST Protocol

(Image credit: RIST Forum)

CEREDIGION, U.K.—RIST Forum, along with Florida-based development company SipRadius, has announced the first publicly available version of the RIST Protocol, the libRIST 2.1.2.

The libRIST 2.1.2 project features a library and sample calling programs that implement the RIST (Reliable Internet Streaming Transport) Protocol. It supports both RIST Simple Profile (TR-06-1) and the upcoming Main Profile (TR-06-2). The open source licensing for libRIST provides free redistribution of source and binaries when accompanied by copyright and disclaimer notices.

“With the current climate of uncertainty and with many people suddenly seeking to transmit reliable, high-quality video from homes and remote facilities, internet delivery has become more important than ever,” said Ciro Noronha, RIST Forum president. “Many of the more advanced features of the protocol, such as encryption, are supported. By providing so much code and functionality up front, we hope to speed the adoption of RIST in general.”

The libRIST project files include support for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple platforms.

For more information, visit www.rist.tv.